Anti-Bullying Week Theatre Show – NEW TRAILER

by | Nov 5, 2020

Time to Unite! follows the story of Milly and Philip. To begin with Milly and Philip are good friends, but when two new students arrive at the school things start to change.

The show explores how bullying can start and progress in a friendship group. This show is ideal for Primary schools looking for a special way to celebrate Anti-Bullying Week 2020 United Against Bullying.

As students watch the show they will also learn:

  • The definition of bullying with reference to a power imbalance.
  • How we can speak up for ourselves in calm and assertive way.
  • How we can use courage and kindness to play our part and to stop bullying from happening.


We were delighted to receive this feedback from St Paul’s with St Michael’s CE Primary School in Hackney about Time to Unite:


‘The children loved the show,  some of the words used to describe what the children saw were: wonderful, marvellous, fantastic, interesting. I could go on listing the children’s praise but I’d be here forever.’ – Ms Murray, St Paul’s with St Michael’s CE Primary School


And now you can watch the show in action here:

Along with providing our online anti-bullying theatre show, we will also be visiting primary schools with our safe and socially distanced anti-bullying workshops.

What’s next? Find out more about how you can prepare for Anti-Bullying Week 2020 here.

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