Anti-Bullying Workshops and Shows

OpenView Education’s Anti-Bullying Workshops and Performances are experienced by over 35,000 students every year. As Associate Members of the Anti-Bullying Alliance, we specialise in providing interactive and positive whole school Anti-Bullying events for primary and secondary schools.

Anti-Bullying Workshops

We have age appropriate workshops for Early Years through to Key Stage 3 students, our Anti-Bullying workshops are positive, engaging and interactive. Through role-play and forum theatre we allow students the opportunity to practice how they can respond to bullying and conflict situations. 

Our theatre based approach to the workshops makes the content relevant and relatable to your students, helping them to understand what bullying is and how it can take place.


Our Anti-Bullying workshops use role-play, helping students to learn new skills in an interactive way.


We have workshops for students of all ages and we can work with your whole school across one day.


Our visits include lesson plans, animations and PowerPoints making follow up easy for your teachers.


We understand value for money is important for schools. We offer affordable whole school events.

COVID-19   Flexible Bookings For A Challenging Time

We want to help schools through this uncertain and challenging time, so we are currently offering flexible bookings. This means that you can book in confidence knowing you won’t need to pay anything until your event has taken place and you can easily reschedule your day.

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Anti-Bullying Show: The Power of Change

The Power of Change is the ultimate empowering and positive Anti-Bullying Show, suitable for your whole school.

Your students will learn about the different types of bullying and how to respond in bullying situations. Through a captivating story, your students will learn how small changes can make a big difference.

Students will become enthralled with the story and the spectacle as they learn to make one small change to make their school an even better place. This performance creates the perfect introduction to the ideas and lessons which will be practised in both KS1 & KS2 anti-bullying theatre workshops.

We Provide

  • One Performer
  • Puppetry with Living Puppets
  • Circus Skills
  • Theatre Set
  • Original Animations
  • Original Music Soundtrack
  • Audience Participation
  • Show for a maximum of 300 students
  • 45 minute performance
  • Supporting Resources & Lesson Plans

The Details

  • Performances cater for up to 300 students.
  • Performances are 45 minutes.
  • The show requires a large cleared space such as your school hall.
  • The show requires use of projector and sound equipment.

Anti-Bullying Workshops KS2

This interactive anti-bullying workshop for Key Stage 2 students explores how bullying can start and progress within a social group. 

Students will rehearse specific skills for responding appropriately to bullying situations. Through practicing new behaviours, students will explore their power to be assertive in a calm and confident way.

The focus of this anti bullying workshop is to equip students with the skills to deal with bullying situations and to support other primary school students who may be experiencing bullying. This is a high energy, interactive anti-bullying workshop for primary schools, ideal for creating a powerful learning experience for your students in Anti-Bullying Week.

Topics Include

CHANGE STARTS WITH US: We explore how we have the power to choose our own behaviours. Bullying is a choice and small changes can make a big difference.

WHAT IS BULLYING: We define the different kinds of bullying including verbal, physical and cyberbullying. We look at how this makes others feel and why students bully.

CYBER-BULLYING: Students learn to recognise different forms of cyber-bullying and how they can respond.

BODY LANGUAGE: We will show the students how standing and walking confidently can protect them against being a target for bullying. We practice appropriate use of body language to tell someone to stop. ​

CONFIDENCE BUILDING AND MENTAL RESILIENCE: How to feel confident and have a strong mental attitude if someone says unkind things to you.​

THE POWER OF OUR VOICE: How to use your voice in an assertive and confident way in a bullying situation. How to ask for help from a teacher in a polite and confident way to make sure we are clearly understood.


The Details

  • Workshops cater for 30 students per session.
  • Each KS2 Workshop is 45-60 minutes to suit your timetable.
  • Workshops require a cleared space such as your school hall and use of a projector.

Anti-Bullying Workshops EYFS/KS1

Your students will enjoy an engaging and interactive anti-bullying workshop created specially for Early Years & KS1 students. With live puppetry your students will learn kindness through interactive storytelling.

The Anti-Bullying Workshops for Early Years and Key Stage 1 are positive and engaging; students will sing along with Milly and get up on their feet to role-play and learn new skills with Philip. The focus of the Anti Bullying workshop is to develop empathy, social awareness and to learn what to do if we see or experience teasing or bullying.

Topics Covered


We learn why it’s fun to have a friend who is different from us.


We learn what we can do to be a good friend. What actions and behaviors mean we are being a good friend.


Students will understand what teasing & bullying is. What are the different ways that bullying and teasing can happen. How does it make people feel if they are being teased or bullied?


We learn to think about how other people feel and how this is part of being a good friend. We practice supporting and helping other students.


We practice asking for help from a teacher or adult in a polite and assertive way. Using our voice in the right way.


The Details

  • Workshops cater for 30 students per session.
  • Each KS1 Workshop is 30-45 minutes to suit your timetable.
  • Workshops require a cleared space such as your school hall and use of a projector.

What people say…

‘I am really impressed that OpenView Education can accommodate every child in the school for a whole day’s fee; so often I have had to limit the opportunity to just a few year groups. It was really helpful that you produced a timetable for me based on our school routines. Your organisation is spot-on which really gave me peace of mind on the day.
Most importantly, though, was the high quality of the performance and workshops.’

Aston Clinton Primary School


‘The children have really learnt a lot as the workshops were really age appropriate. It was amazing to ask them about bullying and the ways to overcome it and hear their clear understanding of what to do.

From Reception to Year 6 the word UPSTANDER is being used!. Thank you so much once again.’

St Vincents Catholic Primary School


‘I have nothing but excellent things to say about our day with OpenView. The children are STILL buzzing about it and they all enjoyed the day – One even announced that it was the ‘Best show ever’. The teachers reported that the workshops were brilliant and were all incredibly impressed by your knowledge and skills as well as your ability to manage the behaviour of the children. I have already been recommending you to my friends in other schools.’

Bonneville Primary School


‘The show was pitched so well to all age groups – no easy task! All the children were so engaged, using our teacher as a character worked so well! I thought the lesson plans were great – the video was clear and it promoted good discussion.
In 20 plus years of teaching, this is the best Anti-Bullying / Theatre Visitor I can remember! Thank you!’

Ipswich Prep School


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