Staying Safe Online: Three Top Tips

by | Aug 21, 2020

Internet Safety for kids is now more important than ever before, and with internet usage increasing even more due to children and young people spending more time at home, it’s never been more important to stay safe online.

Check out our three top tips for staying safe online and our video below:

Protect Your Online Reputation:

Online Reputation has become increasingly more important and this is something we discuss in our Internet Safety Training for Schools. Once something is online, we can’t control where it will end up. It’s possible to post pictures and videos without really thinking, and then they end up on lots of other websites too. Only post pictures, videos, and messages online that you’re proud of, and think: ‘Would I really want everyone to be able to see this?’

Talk About It:

Trolling or Cyberbullying can be upsetting. It can start small and then get worse. So if anything is happening online that’s making you feel worried or upset, speak to an adult that you trust straight away. Also remember to be kind online, unkind words online can still really upset people, so before you send a message, ask yourself: ‘How would I feel if I received this message?’. From our work with thousands of students in our Anti Bullying Workshops, we’ve found that asking this simple question can make a huge difference to our actions.

Stay in Control:

Really think about who you are talking to. If you’re getting messages from someone, and it’s making you feel worried or upset, show those messages to an adult that you trust and talk about it. Remember, if you’re messaging someone online, you’re in control and you can end the conversation and walk away at any time.

Remember these top three tips to stay safe online.

Check out more of our free Internet Safety Resources for teachers, parents and carers here.

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