Wellbeing Poster for Schools

by | Mar 25, 2021

At OpenView Education we are delighted be visiting schools with our Mental Health and Wellbeing Workshops this May for Mental Health Awareness Week.

Our workshop for Key Stage 2 is called the Steps To Wellbeing Wisdom, each of the steps provides students with skills-based learning on how to improve their wellbeing. In this interactive workshop, students take part in group activities and role-play to provide them with an opportunity to practice each of the steps to wellbeing wisdom.

We know that having high quality supporting resources helps schools to make the most out of our visit. That’s why we’ve created a new poster that’s available to schools who book one of our wellbeing workshops for their students.

This poster can be displayed in class and used to review what students learnt during the 5 Steps to Wellbeing Wisdom Workshop.

5 Steps to Wellbeing Wisdom Poster provides a short idea to remind students about the main ideas along with helpful suggestions for how they can apply the steps in their life.

Here are the Steps to Wellbeing Wisdom:


Learn Something New

A learning mind is a happy mind. Set a goal to learn a new skill then work towards it.  Remember to have a Growth Mindset and focus on the progress that you are making.



If you are feeling worried, upset or angry take time out to notice your breathing.  Just by paying attention to our breath we can begin to feel calmer.


Talk About It

If you’re feeling worried or upset, ask yourself: Have I told anyone how I am feeling? Talking about how we feel can help us to feel better.


Do Something Kind

When we do something kind, it makes us feel great! Being kind is easy, remember to:

  • Say thank you when you are given something.
  • Be kind to the other students at your school, and include others in your games.


Get Moving!

Exercise makes you feel great and helps you to concentrate.

Why not try:

  • Starting your day with a walk or run. 
  • Put some music on and have a ‘Dance Break’ to re-energise when you’re working.


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