Mental Health & Wellbeing Workshops for Schools

Interactive and theatre based mental health & wellbeing training.

‘The children were totally engaged throughout and thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.
The facilitators are professional, friendly and great with the children. They deliver sensitive subjects in an informative and entertaining manor for both pupils and staff.’

Bishop Winnington-Ingram Primary School, London.

Wellbeing workshops for schools

Is student wellbeing a top priority for your school? If so, then keep reading to discover how OpenView Education’s mental health and wellbeing workshops can support your students in building resilience and cultivating wellbeing through mindfulness. 

OpenView Education’s interactive Mental Health & Wellbeing Workshops for schools use theatre and drama to equip students with skills and strategies for promoting positive mental health, building resilience and cultivating wellbeing

Our wellbeing & mental health workshops provide a fun and engaging way for your students to learn evidence based mindfulness techniques that are shown to improve wellbeing and raise awareness around mental health. 

We have engaging and age appropriate workshops for Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 students.

These workshops are the ideal way to mark the occasion for Mental Health Awareness Week.

Safe & Socially Distanced

Our workshops are provided through a safe and socially distanced delivery. We work alongside you, to create a day that meets your requirements. 


wellbeing workshops

Drama and performance techniques for an engaging and interactive learning experience.


mental health workshops for schools

We have workshops for students of all ages and we can work with a large number of students in one day.


Your visit includes lesson plans, animations and PowerPoints making follow up easy for your teachers.


mental health workshops

We understand value for money is important for schools. We offer affordable whole school events.


We use evidence based & proven approaches for improving wellbeing in children & adults.

The Wellbeing Adventure – Reception – Year 3

Your students will go on an exciting adventure into the Wellbeing Jungle. On their journey they’ll meet new characters such as the Chatty Parrot, the Soothing Monkey and the Calm Crocodile. Each character they will meet will teach them new lessons for how we can take care of our mental health and wellbeing.

The Wellbeing Adventure is…

  • Delivered by a Professional Puppeteer.
  • Interactive & Engaging.
  • Uses Living Puppets to captivate your students.

Your students will learn…

  • Why it’s important to speak up about our worries.
  • How we can talk about our worries, and who we can talk to.
  • That’s it’s normal to feel worried sometimes.
  • How we can use easy mindfulness to help ourselves to feel calm.

Mindfulness And Me – Years 4 – 6

As your students follow the character of Philip, they will learn how it’s normal to feel worried sometimes, and why it’s important to talk about how we feel. The story is brought to life through live performance and original animations. 

Your students will learn…

  • That we all have mental health.
  • How we can use mindfulness to manage our emotions.
  • What happens inside our brain when we feel worried.
  • The importance of talking about our worries.
  • How we can talk about our worries, and who we can talk to.

(Mindfulness And Me is available from January 2021 – Book now to secure your Early Bird Discount)

‘Highly engaging facilitator. The messages given and rehearsed were well remembered by the children. The children were really involved and wanted to participate which meant that the messages had an impact on their ideas. Great day!’

Tidbury Green Primary School, Birmingham

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Get in touch here and a friendly and experienced member of our team will respond with the best options for your school.

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How many students can you work with?

Our mental health workshops for schools are interactive, and our facilitators make a special effort to ensure all students are engaged and taking part. 

This is why we work with up to 30 students from the same year group at a time.

Sessions are differentiated for each year group.

We can deliver 5 workshops across one day. 

This allows us to work with around 150 students per day.

What do you need to run the workshops?

  • One cleared space for the day:  The school hall is ideal but a cleared classroom can also work well.

  • Projector and sound equipment: Along with the theatre and drama techniques, the wellbeing workshops also includes original animations to support your students learning.

How much do the workshops cost?

We aim to make our wellbeing workshops for schools excellent value. We have packages starting from £299.